Injection & Immunization

We are trained to administer Flu shots, Covid-19 vaccine & some limited injections as allowed by the ministry in Ontario. We are permitted to administer vaccines to any patient older than 5 for 13 vaccines-preventable diseases:

- Hemophilus influenza type B (no Rx)

- Hepatitis A (Rx only)

- Hepatitis B adult (Rx only) pediatric (no Px)

- Hepatitis A+B (Rx only)

- Herpes Zoster (Rx only)

- HPV (human Papillomavirus) (no Rx)

- Japanese Encephalitis (Rx only)

- Meningococcal (no Rx)

- Rabies (Rx only)

- Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) (Rx only)

- Typhoid (Rx only)

- Varicella (Rx only)

- Yellow Fever (Rx only)